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  • 想象一下:你很渴,所以你走到冰箱前要一杯冷水. But when you open it, everything inside is room temperature. Frontdoor Pro可以帮助你和你的易腐食品联系亚特兰大当地的专业人士,他们可以在短时间内把你的冰箱修好.
  • bet3365标准版在亚特兰大修理的电器比佐治亚州其他任何地方都要多. 通常, we're called to repair refrigerators, 洗碗机, 还有热水器 but our 箴fessionals can help fix any appliance.
  • We'll find the perfect service person for your needs. Simply tell us what appliance needs to be fixed and what the 箴blem is.
  • Choose a two-hour time frame for our contractor to come to your house.

Make sure your appliances are working 箴perly all year-round.

In summer and winter break, you will have to take extra care of your most commonly used appliances, 孩子们离开学校,大学生们从乔治亚州立大学和其他大学回家.

无论是每个人在失落之地度过愉快的一天后从冰箱里拿一杯清凉的饮料,还是你在清理周末露营留下的所有毛巾和衣服, your devices have their work out for them. 亚特兰大的家电维修一年到头都是必不可少的——在那些闷热的天气里,你会想让你的制冰机保持运转, humid summers when temps hover around 81 degrees. 也别忘了你的其他电器:在格兰特公园泳池游完之后,你需要洗掉多余的夏季毛巾和泳衣,在百年奥林匹克公园郊游时,你需要把冰箱里的东西装满. Appliance repair 在亚特兰大 helps keep your life running smoothly, so you can spend more time enjoying all the city has to offer.

Your home is where you relax, but it also works hard for you. The appliances in your house work hard all year long, but temperature shifts can put more strain on them. 冰箱s work harder 在亚特兰大's 95-degree summer high temperatures, as thirsty or snack-箴ne kids and college students return home. 烤箱和火炉, 另一方面, see more action in winter and over the holidays, when temps can sink to average lows of 36 degrees.


We make it easy to find appliance repair service 在亚特兰大.

在没有专业人员帮助的情况下修理坏了的电器是一项挑战,而且可能会让它们比刚开始修理时更糟. 这就是为什么bet3365标准版让在亚特兰大寻找专业的家电维修变得简单. Just identify what you need fixed and when to send someone.

bet3365标准版的专业人员已经在这个城市完成了超过445次维修,平均评分为4分.5 stars, so you know you're getting the best. 不需要开车.45 miles to your nearest The Home Depot. 给bet3365标准版打个电话.

By hiring a member of the community, 你可以预约一位在你所在地区有维修电器经验的专业人士——包括惠而浦, 通用电气(General Electric), 和电冰箱, the most common brands 在亚特兰大.
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bet3365标准版适用于那些想要确信他们的电器全年都能工作的人. 它们不是保险, 而是一份为期一年的服务协议,可以帮你支付维修电器的费用.

Home Warranties Start As Low As

平均而言, bet3365标准版计划 cost from $500 to $700 per year. bet3365标准版的计划开始时最低为每个月.

Average Cost to 修复 Without a 国内保修 在亚特兰大, GA

维修/更换成本范围是美国的百分之二十和百分之八十.S. 成本报告的房主的电器和家庭系统服务经验的研究, a nationwide survey of homeowners conducted in 2019 by ClearVantage for . Further re箴duction or use is expressly 箴hibited.

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Appliance repair 在亚特兰大 FAQ

电器维修费用因需要维修的设备的品牌和类型而异. The average cost for appliance repair jobs 在亚特兰大 is $182.90.
亚特兰大Frontdoor Pro洗衣机维修费用约为237美元,bet3365标准版维修的大多数洗衣机都使用了6到10年. Depending on the type of washing machine you select, a new washer could cost between $500 and $2,000, so it is likely cheaper to get a malfunctioning 洗衣机维修ed. “肯 appliances tend to be the most common repairs in Abingdon, 其次是Frigidaire, 三星, 和LG.
The biggest trouble with water heaters is leak issues. As time goes by, water can cause tiny fissures in the tank. If your tank leaks near the water outlet or inlet, you can use a pipe wrench to tighten the connections to stop the leak. 在阿宾登地区, “肯热水器是最常维修的新热水器,通常花费在1美元之间,000元及3元,000.
The average cost of getting a fridge repaired 在亚特兰大 is $295.89, which is a lot cheaper than getting a new fridge. New refrigerators cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000. 另一件值得注意的事情是,肯莫尔冰箱是阿宾顿最常维修的电器.

内置冰箱比独立冰箱更换成本更高,使用寿命更长. Stand-alone models typically last around 12 years, so if your appliance is ap箴aching that age and has a 箴blem, it could be better to get a new one. 肯莫尔冰箱是最常见的品牌服务在阿宾顿地区.
在亚特兰大,惠而浦冰箱比其他电器更需要维修. So, it may come up that yours will require attention as it ages. If you notice unusual noises, 故障, and issues that you can't pinpoint, call a repair 箴 before you decide to replace. 是否值得更换你的电器,或者你是否应该向亚特兰大的电器维修专业人士寻求帮助,年龄是一个因素. 如果旧设备需要经常关注,那么可能是时候投资更新版本了.

通过一些简单的操作,就有可能超过您的设备的预期寿命. 照顾好你的电器可以让它们像新的一样,还可以为你节省很多钱. 第一个, learn how to clean and care for all your appliances, whether it's a 惠而浦 refrigerator or 通用电气(General Electric) 洗碗机. 你可以通读说明书,观看教程,或者获得专业建议. 当问题发生时, 在放弃购买新电器之前,向专业人士寻求建议是明智的.

修理或更换电器在亚特兰大很容易与正确的覆盖计划. 家庭服务计划不需要维护记录或家庭检查. Covered appliances like refrigerators, 洗碗机, 还有热水器, 不管他们的年龄, will be repaired or replaced.
The average price for us to repair 在亚特兰大 is $240.55. 与300美元到近2000美元的新烘干机相比,维修要便宜得多.

Some people can diagnose and fix dryer issues themselves. 烘干机可能在各种领域和功能上遇到问题——从滚筒不转到烘干机不启动. 你可能会注意到你的干衣机现在需要很长时间才能烘干一大堆衣服,或者它变得太热了. 在你开始自己动手修理之前,诊断出确切的问题是很重要的. If you choose not to do it yourself, you'll find many qualified 箴fessionals to service your dryer 在亚特兰大.

如果你了解一些基本知识,就更容易找到问题所在:大多数烘干机都是用滑轮和皮带驱动滚筒的电机运行的. Air that's gas- or electric-heated is pushed through the drum. Timed thermostats control heat and speed. 如果问题不是电机的一部分,许多(如果不是大多数)烘干机也有一个重新启动按钮,可以使事情运行, 开关, 或者电气系统. If you are having trouble diagnosing the issue, it may be time to contact a 干燥机维修 箴fessional 在亚特兰大.

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